Positive Discipline for Toddlers

The authors go into detail with each step, but I thought I would just focus on my experience and thoughts. After three days, I did notice a difference with my toddler and now when I say, “Uh-Oh”, he clues into what is about to happen and tries to recourse his action. I think that overall, children want that one-on-one attention from their parents. I noticed that the days I would spend one hour with my little man, doing exactly what he wanted to do and making sure my eyes were focused only on him, he was happier throughout the day…(big surprise right?). I will continue to use this idea and implement these suggestions as to my style and personality.

Overall view of the book:

I found this book to be very straightforward and easy to read. I did, at times, find myself cringing at some of the examples used, but if you can overlook that, I think you will find this book to be helpful. With all parenting books, however,  I think you need to adjust the suggestions to your style and personality so that it’s YOU parenting and not the book.

Time: 3 days (at least)

Money: $24.95 (price off amazon.com)

Ick Factor: Low-Medium

Worth It: Yes, but need to stay consistent in order to see dramatic change. 

 Posted by Anne D.


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