Valentine’s Pink Style

This week, I challenged myself to break out of my dark winter wardrobe and add a pop of color.  Now that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, I wanted to find some pink inspiration without sacrificing my winter layers.

Here’s what I found:



I have a lot of blue, so I liked the idea of combining blue and neon colors.


Here’s my pink layered, neon and blue inspired outfit.  My wallet is still recovering from the Holidays  so I wanted to find Spring colors at the thrift store.  This whole outfit is thrifted except for the pants that I purchased at J.Crew for $10.


J.Crew Vest: $9 thrifted

Denim shirt: $5 thrifted

J.Crew pants: $10

J.Crew plaid shoes: $5 thrifted

White and Gold necklace: $3 thrifted

Total: $32.00

Time: 3 hours raiding Thrift stores

ICK Factor: Low. I’m kind of a Thrift store junkie, so for my personality this was low stress.

Worth it? Yes! Adding a splash of color to my otherwise bland wardrobe in a thrifty way was a good challenge and proved to be a surprisingly fun outlet for my creativity.

Posted by: Sara W.

More Pink inspiration on our Pinterest Fashion board:

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