Getting Organized: Toys


This week I tested which boxes work best for toy organization.  I came to find out I was also testing how to create at least thirty minutes of uninterrupted playtime!


Here’s what I learned:

  • Walmart has the best prices for storage bins
  • Clear boxes help children see what’s inside without tearing all the boxes open
  • Sterilite boxes are best because they have clasps that easily hold shut and do not open when picked up
  • Stackable boxes are ideal
  • A mix of large and small boxes are necessary
  • Organized toys are actually “useable”  because children can see them
  • Organized toys are easily cleaned up because there is a space for them



Make sure to sort similar toys together. This seems obvious, but even separating different types of toys (for example: plastic cars separate from matchbox cars above) can be helpful to keep things organized.


Large and irregular sized toys are tricky because they don’t fit neatly in a box.  However, these are often the culprits for being strewn about my house.  I put these toys in a large black toy bin purchased from Lowe’s.


Time: 1 hour to buy boxes

3 hours to sort and organize (2 days if children are present)

Cost: approximately $40

Ick Factor: High (time intensive)

Worth it: Yes!  This project demands a lot of time but yields high return with peace of mind.  It’s the kind of thing you put off doing (forever, in my case) and then when you finally tackle it, you feel like a million bucks!

Posted by: Sara W.


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