The Statement Necklace


Over the last 8 years I’ve been pregnant for 45 months and nursed for 5+ years. Clothes have not always been kind to my changing body, but the statement necklace has always been my friend. Here are some of my favorite places to find statement necklaces and CHEAP! Keyword: Cheap. I’ll be honest with you, I crave those J.Crew necklaces… until I see the price tag. Have you ever heard of J.Crew Factory ?? They are discounted J.Crew necklaces for a fraction of the cost. (The necklace posted above is straight from this website). Here is my list of my go to statement necklace sites:

1. J.Crew Factory

2. Forever 21

3. Brickyard Buffalo

4. Nordstrom BP

5. Target

Here is what I have to say about each place. 1. J.Crew Factory- great quality and great price. I suggest shopping online instead of in store. 2. Forever 21- cheap cheap cheap, anyone can afford one of these babies, endless selection online. 3. Brickyard Buffalo- I suggest following their instagram account. This is an online pop-up market that showcases individual companies and their freshest items at a discounted price. They don’t always have necklaces but when they do- you’re going to want them. 4. Nordstrom BP- I suggest shopping in store on this one. Great prices and great quality. I’m still wearing one I bought three years ago, and I still love it. 5. Target. Target has my heart. Enough said. I suggest shopping both online and instore. Depending on where you live and how popular your target is, it may be picked over.


Thank you big necklaces for making me feel pretty.

Time: 3 min to pick one from my closet. An hour to shop for a new one.

Cost: Prices Vary. $12-$50 from above featured stores.

Ick: Low. Lots of fun options, easy way to jazz up any old outfit. 

Love it or Leave it?: LOVE IT!  Statement necklaces pair with many outfits and help glam up your day.

Posted by Lindsay M. and Sara J.


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