DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial


These are my go to baby gifts. They are awesome. I also made some for myself and I used them with every feeding from 0-6 months. They are so absorbent, and keep mama and baby clean. I love these!! Here is a simple step by step tutorial so you can make them too. Enjoy!

ImageThese are the ones you can find at Babies R Us, I found these in store. If you can find 6-ply, they hold up even better.




Here are just a few of some burp cloths I have made in the past. Seriously guys, these are the best.


Time: About one hour to make 5. Once you get the hang of it things will go faster.

Money: $12.99-$15.99 for ten burp cloths. $10- $15 for a few fat quarters of fabric. 

Ick Factor: Low. 

Love it or Leave it: Love it. Again, these are so easy, and who doesn’t love a home made gift? I love how creative you can get with these, you can even make a matching quilt or blanket to go with them. Best baby gift, and best baby gear. These were a staple item for my babe everyday until she reached about 6 months. Enjoy! 

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