DIY Hand-Stamped Fabric and a Dress


Lately, I have seen some really cool hand-stamped fabric projects on Pinterest. I wanted to try it for myself and give it my own spin, and use the fabric to make a dress. I decided on a shape, and found some cheap fabric. This project had a total cost of $6.00. Here’s how I made it:





Time: 1 hour 30 minutes to cut out stamp and print onto fabric. 3 hours to make dress.

Money: $6.00 for fabric, paint and foam board. $10 for dress pattern. All other supplies I had on hand, including pattern. 

Ick Factor: Medium

Love it or Leave it: I personally love it. This project is a little more time intensive. It’s very easy to stamp the fabric, you could use it for a tote, table cloth, etc. (Basically anything made out of fabric). It’s fun to be able to design your own fabric and make your project even more your own. 

Posted by Sara J.


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