DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial


These are my go to baby gifts. They are awesome. I also made some for myself and I used them with every feeding from 0-6 months. They are so absorbent, and keep mama and baby clean. I love these!! Here is a simple step by step tutorial so you can make them too. Enjoy!

ImageThese are the ones you can find at Babies R Us, I found these in store. If you can find 6-ply, they hold up even better.




Here are just a few of some burp cloths I have made in the past. Seriously guys, these are the best.


Time: About one hour to make 5. Once you get the hang of it things will go faster.

Money: $12.99-$15.99 for ten burp cloths. $10- $15 for a few fat quarters of fabric. 

Ick Factor: Low. 

Love it or Leave it: Love it. Again, these are so easy, and who doesn’t love a home made gift? I love how creative you can get with these, you can even make a matching quilt or blanket to go with them. Best baby gift, and best baby gear. These were a staple item for my babe everyday until she reached about 6 months. Enjoy! 

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Making Sense of Sand

sand-page-0 (1)

I recently discovered Kinetic Sand at a toy store.  It’s pretty amazing the way it can mold, shape, and entertain without a mess (it’s sand afterall).  However, this sand is roughly $15 for two pounds and I was curious if I could find a less expensive alternative.  Since there are many homemade play dough and homemade sand recipes, I decided to test how these compare to the durability of Kinetic Sand.

Here’s what I discovered:



Overall, I feel Kinetic Sand still wins.  The homemade alternatives passed the kid test by keeping my toddler entertained for over thirty minutes uninterrupted. However, the mess for both Moon Sand recipes, was not worth it.  Since I had to buy all the ingredients, I only saved about $3 total.


Homemade Sand Recipes: 

Time: about 15 minutes to put together after purchasing ingredients

Cost: low

Ick factor: high

Love it or Leave it: Leave it!  Spend the $15 and get the good clean Kinetic Sand!

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DIY J.Crew Heart Sweater



Time: 1 hour. The stitching took the longest, if you decide to go without it, it probably takes about 25-30 minutes. 

Money$7.20. I used an old sweater, and black thread that I had on hand. I purchased the black wool felt and double sided fusible web. I also used a Joann’s coupon. 

Ick Factor: Medium. It took a few minutes for me to figure out the fusible web (this was my first time using it), other than that the project ran very smoothly, and was quick to put together. 

Worth It?: Very worth it. This is a fun and easy way to update an old sweater, and the timing is perfect with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. 

Found on Pinterest in many versions.

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Valentine Box Tutorial

Valentine BoxValentine Box2Valentine Box3

Time: 1-2 hours plus time spent gathering materials.  

Money: less than $5 for materials, all of which I already had at my home. KFC will give you an  empty bucket for free.

Ick FactorWaiting for paint to dry if you use paint.  You’ll have to use several coats to cover up the KFC words if you use paint too.  I recommend using a glue stick and wrapping paper to cover the box.  

Worth It?Very worth it.  You’ll have the cutest valentine box in the class!

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Valentine’s Free Printables on Pinterest



Money: Free! (I printed the Holiday Subway Art at Heritage Makers for $5 a print, yes this is pricey but the quality is amazing).

Time: 5 minutes to download and print off. 20 minutes to cut and assemble babushka dolls. If printing through a company, usually it  takes a few days for prints to be ready for pickup. Costco is same day! 

Ick factor: Very Low

Worth it? YESSS!! I love these! They are so cute and so easy to put together. The holiday subway art prints are great for wedding gifts (frame included), or to add to your own home! There is even one for celebrating birthdays. Free printables are my FAV! 

Found on pinterest via:

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Heart Hanger Wreath


Time: 1 hour

Money: Free- all supplies on hand

Ick Factor: Medium

WORTH IT!: The finished product is adorable, and to think I made it out of a hanger! Tying all the fabric strips on can get a little tedious, but overall this project was totally worth it. Love the results!!

Found on Pinterest via:

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Kissy Face Banner

This whimsy banner is not only cute but super easy to make. Simply print off some black and white pictures of your children or family members (I chose two photos and printed three of one and four of the other), and either draw or print off some bright and bold images of lips. The rest is easy. Cut out your images, glue, and tape to a ribbon or string.

Time: 1 hour

Money: Free- all supplies on hand

Ick Factor: LOW

WORTH IT!: This banner is fun to put together and very simple to make. It’s a great way to add Valentines flair to your home.

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