Making Sense of Sand

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I recently discovered Kinetic Sand at a toy store.  It’s pretty amazing the way it can mold, shape, and entertain without a mess (it’s sand afterall).  However, this sand is roughly $15 for two pounds and I was curious if I could find a less expensive alternative.  Since there are many homemade play dough and homemade sand recipes, I decided to test how these compare to the durability of Kinetic Sand.

Here’s what I discovered:



Overall, I feel Kinetic Sand still wins.  The homemade alternatives passed the kid test by keeping my toddler entertained for over thirty minutes uninterrupted. However, the mess for both Moon Sand recipes, was not worth it.  Since I had to buy all the ingredients, I only saved about $3 total.


Homemade Sand Recipes: 

Time: about 15 minutes to put together after purchasing ingredients

Cost: low

Ick factor: high

Love it or Leave it: Leave it!  Spend the $15 and get the good clean Kinetic Sand!

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