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Plane Cool Valentine

My sons are still little, but I couldn’t resist making some valentines for them to deliver to friends and family. Here is a cute printable I made for them. You can attach it to a small candy treat or a toy plane (for a no sugar option).

Hope you are all having a happy Valentine’s week!

Plane Cool Valentine

Posted by Jessica J.


Valentine Box Tutorial

Valentine BoxValentine Box2Valentine Box3

Time: 1-2 hours plus time spent gathering materials.  

Money: less than $5 for materials, all of which I already had at my home. KFC will give you an  empty bucket for free.

Ick FactorWaiting for paint to dry if you use paint.  You’ll have to use several coats to cover up the KFC words if you use paint too.  I recommend using a glue stick and wrapping paper to cover the box.  

Worth It?Very worth it.  You’ll have the cutest valentine box in the class!

Posted By: Jessica J.

Valentine’s Pink Style

This week, I challenged myself to break out of my dark winter wardrobe and add a pop of color.  Now that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, I wanted to find some pink inspiration without sacrificing my winter layers.

Here’s what I found:



I have a lot of blue, so I liked the idea of combining blue and neon colors.


Here’s my pink layered, neon and blue inspired outfit.  My wallet is still recovering from the Holidays  so I wanted to find Spring colors at the thrift store.  This whole outfit is thrifted except for the pants that I purchased at J.Crew for $10.


J.Crew Vest: $9 thrifted

Denim shirt: $5 thrifted

J.Crew pants: $10

J.Crew plaid shoes: $5 thrifted

White and Gold necklace: $3 thrifted

Total: $32.00

Time: 3 hours raiding Thrift stores

ICK Factor: Low. I’m kind of a Thrift store junkie, so for my personality this was low stress.

Worth it? Yes! Adding a splash of color to my otherwise bland wardrobe in a thrifty way was a good challenge and proved to be a surprisingly fun outlet for my creativity.

Posted by: Sara W.

More Pink inspiration on our Pinterest Fashion board:

Valentine’s Free Printables on Pinterest



Money: Free! (I printed the Holiday Subway Art at Heritage Makers for $5 a print, yes this is pricey but the quality is amazing).

Time: 5 minutes to download and print off. 20 minutes to cut and assemble babushka dolls. If printing through a company, usually it  takes a few days for prints to be ready for pickup. Costco is same day! 

Ick factor: Very Low

Worth it? YESSS!! I love these! They are so cute and so easy to put together. The holiday subway art prints are great for wedding gifts (frame included), or to add to your own home! There is even one for celebrating birthdays. Free printables are my FAV! 

Found on pinterest via:

Posted by Sara J.

Heart Hanger Wreath


Time: 1 hour

Money: Free- all supplies on hand

Ick Factor: Medium

WORTH IT!: The finished product is adorable, and to think I made it out of a hanger! Tying all the fabric strips on can get a little tedious, but overall this project was totally worth it. Love the results!!

Found on Pinterest via:

Posted by Sara J.

14 Days of Love

I looked on Pinterest for a cute and easy idea of something that I could make for my Husband. I found many ideas for “14 Days of Valentines”. This idea seemed to be easy, low maintenance and worked in my budget.  I chose 14 of my favorite ideas and created my own labels for each item. Feel free to download and use them! The first 9 days are here and the last 5 days are here.

 Time: 2 hours

Money: $20

Ick Factor: Low

WORTH IT!: This project is so easy, and makes a great gift for a loved one. Instead of getting my husband a gift, he gets to enjoy a fun surprise everyday leading up to Valentines Day.

Posted by Sara J.

Kissy Face Banner

This whimsy banner is not only cute but super easy to make. Simply print off some black and white pictures of your children or family members (I chose two photos and printed three of one and four of the other), and either draw or print off some bright and bold images of lips. The rest is easy. Cut out your images, glue, and tape to a ribbon or string.

Time: 1 hour

Money: Free- all supplies on hand

Ick Factor: LOW

WORTH IT!: This banner is fun to put together and very simple to make. It’s a great way to add Valentines flair to your home.

Found on Pinterest via:

Posted by Sara J.

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